Wednesday, February 5, 2020

What's in my Job Description?

Today was a weird day in the classroom.

I feel like I got some good authentic teaching done but there were SO many strange things going on. When ish starts to hit the fan teachers often say “that’s not my job is to teach.” I’m totally guilty of this.

But today was one of those days where I really felt my job is not just to teach but to mentor...transform...EDUCATE... and provide opportunity.

One of my bright spots today was when my student from last year came by and read an email response from Lah Tere It was full of light and love. My student read it out loud and another student recorded it. I love the way kids are constantly capturing moments and making memories. It helps me take a look from the outside in.

What he captured was something special. My baby reading a letter from a person in the community who cares about her...without even knowing her yet. My girls group is getting the opportunity to learn from some amazing people in our neighborhood and it makes my heart so happy. It makes me proud to do my job and be a bridge for my students showing them the beauty in the world right around them....the beauty that is in OUR people. 
These are the moments I live for 💜

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