Thursday, February 6, 2020

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is real.

It hits when you’re in a space where you feel like you don’t belong. You may not feel smart enough, talented enough, capable enough.

But it’s a lie.

You’re enough.

In fact you’re more than enough.

Because it may not come down to academic accolades or accomplishments and it sure as hell ain’t in test scores.

I think it’s all about passion.

And I’ve realized there’s no way to measure passion outside of watching people’s actions. I see passion in the conversations my friends have. I see passion in the tireless work they do. I see passion in our support for one another. When you succeed, I succeed and vice versa.

It was passion that drove my every move. This idea that I wanted to do more...that I HAD to feed my soul with the work I do. There is no way to ever measure that passion....But I do hope people can see it.

Earlier this week someone really offended me by talking about my degree from Harvard. They tried to minimize it.

While I’m never one to get elitist on anyone....I had a very much “how dare you” moment. I didn’t go to Harvard for the name. I went because I wanted to be the best educator I could be so I wanted to go to a place that would train me to be the best. The Harvard Education School attracts some of the best. And you wanna know why? Because ALL of those people have passion.

Every conversation I had with my peers was FILLED with passion. The motto at Harvard was Learn to Change the World...and I believe it. That’s what the school attracts....people who want to change the world.

And when I remember all of imposter syndrome starts to go away.

My moves were not made in vain. They were made in search of purpose. They were made through passion.

And that alone tells me I am enough, because I am passionate about what I do.

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