Friday, November 1, 2019

Post Strike: The Return

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.

We got to reconnect with our kids (the half that showed up) after 11 days out school for the strike.
and you could tell that some kids really got it. They walked in and said “thank you for doing that for us.” They asked deep question like “weren’t you asking for things the mayor said she would give?” Some kids had no idea what was going on so we talked about the difference between striking, picketing, rallying and rioting. We talked about the concept of “normal” and equity. Why some kids in Chicago have more than others.

We discussed what our ideal schools would look like if we never had to worry about money. Of course they said middle school things like “lockers and be on our cell phones” but they also said things like “clean bathrooms and water fountains” I mean.....come on. THAT’S part of an ideal school?!? It blows my mind every time the kids talk about that.

But we also took the time to just have lots of fun. I walked in to super sweet notes from my administration. We walked in to BRAND NEW CHAIRS!!! (Which, evidently they were working on before I made my sign 😅 #Oops@humboldtpark delivered me the sweetest card and treats from @spinningjchicago (I was NOT crying and I did NOT eat all of the desserts..... ok those are lies.) We sang, we played music, we used our class cash and we reunited our school community.

There were many wins and losses with our new contract. I wish we didn’t have to go on strike but I believe in the statement we made. At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about....These kids.

I’m so happy to be back. ❤️

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