Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Authentic, Phony or Fake?

Who determines what's authentic?
As a newly certified yoga instructor I constantly face the challenge of feeling inauthentic. Often I feel prejudged about what I am saying and putting out there, because I just don't have the same experience level as many of the well followed and known yogis. Although I know this judgment is an internal insecurity and comes from no one in particular, that feeling often still dictates what I do and don't put into the world. Regardless of this feeling I will still share images or post that make me happy, but there's always that small nagging fear of being seen as inauthentic because of my lack of experience. But what I've realized is that that even if I am being judged, I know I'm being authentic in my heart and with others. When I know something I share it and when I don’t I admit to my lack of knowledge and seek answers. Being honest and able to say, "I don't know" and "let's discuss," that's what I’ve come to find as the most authentic.

My goal with this blog is to create an authentic space where I can make friends, build a network and continue to share my experiences with others. I'm hoping to attract like-minded people who are using yoga to face the challenges of the modern world or who are looking to inspire and be inspired to bring yoga into their lives. Most adults in their twenties are facing a litany of social issues regarding the things we "should" be doing and the things our hearts tell us to do. As yogis, we are challenged with facing these societal issues and practicing the 8-limb path to guide us along the way-not any easy task by any means. I want to create a safe space where I can share these challenges and all that I learn while on the journey.

So here in this space I will share the things that I want to put out into the world. In this space, I will contribute to discussions and seek answers. I will be authentically me.

Join me on this authentic journey of being a twenty something who knows a little, but works everyday to know a little more.


  1. I'm looking forward to gaining insight into your generation by sharing this journey with you.